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about us

Aquapac Jaturanon GmbH is specialized in the production of high quality packaging bags for the transport of live ornamental fish since 1984. Our previous experience as an ornamental fish wholesaler gained us deeper insights into the daily demands and problems of an ornamental fish dealer’s packaging process.


As a founder of an ornamental fish wholesale business in Dietzenbach, Vachara Jaturanon has focused on optimizing packaging methods since the 1970s.

Back then, the corners of fish transport bags were still being tied with rubber bands or welded by hand. Both methods were extremely time-consuming and the quality results were inconsistent.

To provide a solution to the problem and to support the process, Vachara Jaturanon founded the Aquapac Jaturanon company in 1984 and constructed a special machine to produce waterproof fish transport bags. This machine waterproof welds the bottom seam and the rounded corners of the bag in the same operation, and so ensures a consistently high quality of the product.

Production continued to expand, eventually making the production space in Dietzenbach too small. Under the management of Narvi Jaturanon, the company moved to Cologne in 1998 and became a GmbH, a limited liability company. Since then we have succeeded in raising our capacities to the highest level of quality at a steady and consistent pace, becoming a leading producer of fish transport bags with customers in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and Israel.

In 2006 Boris Karas joined the management and in 2010 the company moved to Ackerstraße in Cologne-Mühlheim. We are proud of almost 30 years of dedicated effort to making sure that you can pack and send your ornamental fish safely and securely.