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Aqua-Clipper Sealing System for

Fish Transport Bags

Aqua-Clipper are on duty worldwide for decades. They fill up a fish transport bag with pure oxygen and seal it absolutely tight with a clip made of aluminium. This makes a transport save without any problems even for many hours. Aqua-Clipper sealing machines are fully automatic, very robust and easy and efficient in handling. 

Aqua-Clipper have got a body made of stainless steel. It does not matter if you use an Aqua-Clipper in moisty tropical heat or polar climate, in conjunction with fresh water or marine water. We have many experiences through longterm users in every region of the world. Aqua-Clipper manage any kind of fish transport bag made of various materials, from single mini-bag up to big double-bags. 


Anyone who has to deal with packaging of fish, appreciates the easy handling and the huge tempo of output. To fill up a bag with oxygen and seal it is a matter of a few seconds. And as it is known that time is money, the systemis especially convincing when looking at the economy.


Aqua-Clipper 206 + 406

Aqua-Clipper 407



High precision clips